The Physics Educator

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The focus of this peer reviewed collection is on the essence of “story,” as it relates to the experiences of physics educators at the tertiary level. Each author addresses their career path to their current role as a physics educator and their present situation, including what each does as a physics educator. This includes a discussion of the courses taught and strategies which they have found effective in their teaching environment, the issues faced, and lastly their vision for the future. The views of the experienced instructors include first-hand insights and details of practice that are instructive and distinctive. The last three decades have seen a wonderful expansion of the modes of research and development that are accepted as giving valid data about teaching. This began with the acceptance of the investigations of “teacher[s]-as-researcher[s],” and, more recently, has been significantly enhanced by the continuous growth of the serious and substantial scholarship of the “Self-Study of Teaching” movement and its range of research networks and publication outlets. This volume is a welcome addition to the broad field of such scholarship. The authors are university physics educators who give either informed and reflective accounts of their professional practice/ development or report systematic (and informed and reflective) inquiry into their own tertiary teaching. -Richard Gunstone, Emeritus Professor of Science and Technology Education, Faculty of Education, Monash University, Australia