The Impact of the Russia-Ukraine Crisis on China in Terms of ...

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Since Russia launched a special military operation in the Donbas region in February 2022, the Russia-Ukraine crisis has increasingly become a major event affecting the global political and economic landscape. The crisis is the result of the intensification of the long-term crisis of the world economy and the collision of regional processes in the process of global transformation, with an impact on global political and economic development. The changes in the balance of international power, the international system and order, and national development paradigms and values are unprecedentedly complex. Against this background, the first research question addressed in this paper is what is the current state of trade between China, Russia, and between China and Ukraine? This is the basis for analyzing the impact of the Russia-Ukraine conflict in China. The second research question is what impacts the Russian-Ukrainian conflict has on China, which is of profound significance for the third part of this paper to further put forward the response program. Therefore, firstly, this paper analyzes the current trade situation between China, Russia, and Ukraine; secondly, it analyzes the impact of the Russia-Ukraine conflict on China; and thirdly, it addresses China’s response to the Russian-Ukrainian conflict, all of which will help China weigh the pros and cons of the impact of the Russia-Ukraine Crisis and respond to the conflict prudently and cautiously.