The Ekphrastic Turn

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The Ekphrastic Turn: Inter-art Dialogues is the first volume of the CompLit InterArt book series in the New Directions in the Humanities book imprint. Placing emphasis on the storytelling aspects of intermedial and transmedial configurations, this collection studies the role of art in the construction of cultural processes, helping build a bridge between theoretical academic research and social practices. It brings together scholarship in intercultural studies by drawing on social narrative theory and semiotics as analytical tools to expand on the models of comparative literature. It also explores how communicated experiences and the stories behind them bring about social change and empowerment. “The Ekphrastic Turn: Inter-art Dialogues is a collection of articles dedicated to intermediality, the study of media interrelations. Its focus is mainly on aesthetic media types such as theater, music, dance, written literature, cinema, performance, painting, and calligraphy. While the collection contains contributions from several renowned intermediality scholars, its most remarkable quality is perhaps the impressive global reach regarding authors and highly interesting subject areas.” - Lars Elleström, Head of Linnæus University Centre for Intermedial and Multimodal Studies “While exploring inter-art dialogues and transfers across a variety of media ranging from dance, performance, and music to digital arts, this rich volume combines intermedial and cross-cultural analysis and probes disciplinary borders by introducing perspectives from literary, arts and media studies, historiography, and semiotics.” - Marina Grishakova, Professor of Comparative Literature at University of Tartu