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This study investigated the effectiveness of cloud-based instruction integrating a process writing approach on high school students’ English writing skills. It also explored the students’ perceptions regarding their experience with cloud-based learning. The research involved three experts who evaluated the research tools and thirty grade 12 students, and data was collected through a pre-test, post-test, and questionnaire. The pre-test and post-test data were analyzed using a paired sample t-test, while the students’ questionnaire responses were analyzed using thematic analysis. The findings revealed significant improvement in the students’ writing skills following the implementation of the cloud-based instruction with the process writing approach, with a significant difference (p < .001) at the .05 significance level, indicating the instruction’s effectiveness. In addition, the students showed a positive attitude toward the course. These findings contributed to understanding the benefits of cloud-based instruction and the process writing approach in enhancing English writing skills and fostering favorable student perception in a high school context.