Technology, Power, Subjectivity

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Technology, like science, is often seen as augmenting the masculinist project of the domination and control of women and nature. Therefore, feminists have long indulged themselves with questions around technology, especially looking at the impact of new technologies on women’s lives. Technology, being a form of knowledge and discourse in itself, is often imbued with the power to control bodies. With the increasing use of New Reproductive Technologies, which make women’s bodies their primary site, the feminists’ debate around its relation to women’s bodies have increased. Taking the theoretical ideas behind such arguments and looking at differences in contexts, it is imperative to elaborate on the constitution of women “subjects” through such technologies. Re-analysing such debates may throw some ideas on how women subjectivities are constituted differently across contexts, and it will also make us realize how technologies may get entangled with social evils like class, caste, religion, and gender.