Spiritual Tourism

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From the current context of contemporary spiritualities, we wanted to approach an emerging form of tourism known as spiritual or mystical tourism. In many instances this combines many elements of cultural, religious, nature and health tourism. However, spiritual tourism differs from these on a fundamental level. It is largely located in the borders of the tourism industry in that it is managed by its own protagonists, known as spiritual seekers. The work that follows is based on a group of spiritual seekers, all Spanish. This is why the work was carried out in Spanish and the original text is presented at the bottom of each page. This research is based on qualitative methodology, field observations and in-depth interviews through which we have approached this phenomenon using the specific example of spiritual seekers: a group of their own. In order to do this, we have focused on the most important European destination in spiritual milieu: Glastonbury, also known as the mythical Avalon Island.