SME Drivers and Constraints in Sustainable Waste Management Compliance

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This study explores the drivers and constraints in small and medium enterprise (SME) compliance with the Zimbabwean municipal solid waste management (MSWM) regulations. A total of 220 respondents out of 230 samples were surveyed with questionnaires as a research instrument. Data were analyzed using descriptive analysis. The results illustrated that a majority of respondents were male (72%) aged between 31 and 60, primarily with secondary education. Perceptions of MSWM regulations revealed that while respondents acknowledged the positive aspects of the regulations, such as promoting waste minimization and being environmentally effective, there were reservations about the regulations being SME based and people friendly. Additionally, the clarity of roles and responsibilities within the regulations and their ability to address noncompliance raised concerns among the SMEs. Implementation challenges were prevalent, with many SMEs facing limited funds and budget constraints for equipment and updates related to MSWM regulations. The drivers for compliance were identified from the results as business and environmental benefits, such as increased profits and financial opportunities, reduced waste, and promoting a circular economy. On the contrary, the constraints include several aspects from both the SMEs’ and the authorities’ sides.