Religious Consciousness in Education

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The aim of the paper is to present a study on the relationship between education and the development of religious consciousness according to the Greek Constitution (1975) and the aim of education as stated in it. Firstly, the paper discusses the state–religion constitutional relationship in Europe and focuses on the Greek case. The concept of religious consciousness is presented through an interdisciplinary study of different views based on politics/law, psychology, and sociology in order to provide the means to explore the concept of religious consciousness in the Greek context (bearing in mind that Greece is a case study of secularization). Finally, the paper discusses the concept of religious consciousness in adolescence and how it is encountered within the Greek educational system. The paper is part of an ongoing research project about religion and citizenship education in Greece that addresses the research question “whether and to what extent the factor of religious consciousness has an impact on the results of citizenship education in experiential learning conditions on teenage students in secondary schools in Attica, Greece.”