Reconstructing Lives


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Reconstructing Lives follows the careers of a group of elite Australian Rules Footballers who retired from playing elite football either voluntarily or due to involuntary reasons, such as injury or deselection. This book is about the aspects of life which footballers rarely talk about, their lives and their careers and thereby offers the occasion to open up new avenues for discussion about sport retirement research. Typically when athletes retire they are relatively young and generally not prepared for retirement and its consequences. This book is about the role transitions into, out of, or from one role to another of elite athletes. Indeed, as individuals we all have roles in life and, at various points of the life cycle, these roles change, for example from being a student to a worker, from being single to married, from being a child to a parent, from being a worker to being retired. Consequently, life consists of a sequence of societal roles, many of which are associated with family and work, which cohorts enter then leave. This process is known as role transition and is the basis for this book and more especially about retirement from elite sport. It is recommended for elite athletes and in particular sport managers and individuals concerned with the development of elite athletes in all codes of sport.