Nurturing Creative Confidence through Narrative Conversations

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Creative Confidence has been described as the innate ability to courageously engage in creative practices that people have unlearned over time due to formal education. However, developing the necessary trust to participate in such ventures is a complex process that demands accepting vulnerability during uncertain situations and having positive expectations of their outcomes. In this sense, we argue that designers who work from a human-centered perspective need to develop complementary skills that allow them to embrace ambiguity, manage uncertainty, and confront vulnerability in order to strengthen their Creative Confidence. This article presents an analysis of the contributions that the developed research methodology “Narrative Conversations” might bring to this discussion. The methodology aims to generate a creative environment where participants explore human experiences through a narrative perspective and develop shared comprehensions that are meaningful to those involved. The methodology was tested as part of a sixteen-week elective course of an undergraduate program of Design. At the end of every trial, students were asked to fill in a qualitative evaluation of the methodology and its contribution to their professional and personal development. Preliminary evaluations of the method allow to argue that “Narrative Conversations” may help designers to build up their Creative Confidence by encouraging them to appreciate Interpretative Diversity, engage in Committed Participation, and recognize their Valued Expertise. It is argued that these attributes are essential contributions to the development of complementary skills that designers can cultivate in order to embrace ambiguity, manage uncertainty, and confront vulnerability.