Mobilized Identities

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Mobilized Identities: Mediated Subjectivity and Cultural Crisis in the Neoliberal Era is a collective attempt to capture a glimpse of how modern individuals face and negotiate the crisis of global capitalism, as well as the formation of identity in the realm of media, education, and culture in a highly dense, networked world. We are living in times within which even the existence of a solidity that “melts into air” is questioned, and where individuals are forced into a type of identity-survival mode that requires the complex and simultaneous negotiations of time, space, nation, and self simply to remain intact. It is in this rapidly moving and changing terrain of social relations that the contributors of Mobilized Identities explore issues that range from popular culture and education to digital technologies and the fluidity of race and identity in a supposedly post-racial era as strategic articulations of identity creation and self-preservation.