MESH—Memory Sharing

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It is apparent how digital technologies have provided new tools for memory monitoring, particularly the ones that rely on visual aspects. The concept of collective memory plays an essential role in human relationships, in which each individual is perpetuated through the knowledge transmitted from generation to generation. This paper emphasizes the importance of social networks as tools of storage and sharing of memories and life experiences. Within this scope, it advocates for the inclusion of the visually impaired. To this end, the following research questions were raised: What are the strategies adopted by the visually impaired to retain and retrieve memories? Which tools are used to store and share them? Are the tools available today for such purposes consistent with the strategies of these individuals? In order to answer such questions, in-depth interviews were conducted, along with participant observation. The researchers concluded that people with visual impairments primarily associated memories to places and events. With these findings, a conceptual interaction design called MESH, a memory management system, was developed—tailored to the needs of the visually impaired. The research findings identified a need in the market for tools capable of promoting interaction between the sighted and the non-sighted population, especially when it comes to the topic of collective memory.