Learning English through Music

L10 5

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The new mobile technologies play a vital role in the correct acting of our activities. If joined this we consider that the English has at world level a bigger distribution than all other spoken languages and that it is an official language in 52 countries as well as many small colonies and territories. In addition, 1/4 to 1/3 of the people in the world understands and speaks English to some degree. Then, the key to reach the success in this world is the combination of the “new technologies” and the “English language”. In this proposal we present an innovative tool (called Karaoke) that integrates learning in developing our everyday activities. Our proposal focuses on exploiting those activities such as singing and listening to music in learning the English language. This form is pleasant, efficient and it is already part of our live. This research reports an experiment which took place in our university in Mexico. The experiment was led by two teachers in the field of teaching English using mobile phones. We used discourse analysis and grounded theory to analyze the perceptions of the students regarding their English’s learning using mobile phones. In the overall, the students were positively impressed by the potentialities and capabilities of the mobile phones used in the English learning process.