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The concept of mathematics and geometric patterns typically evolves organically from a society’s culture. When mathematical geometry is combined with culture, it can contribute significantly to both formal and non-formal education. The purpose of this research is to highlight the relationship between mathematics and culture, namely through pictures based around the Ramakien and Ramayana legends created by design students in Thailand and Indonesia. The investigators use a qualitative approach with ethnomathematics as the methodology in this study. Individuals directly participating in the research process, gathering data through literature reviews, observations, and documentation, served as the instruments in this study. The technique entails evaluating Ramakien and Ramayana images generated by Thai and Indonesian students. The results of this research show the mathematical activities and geometric patterns found in the illustrations created by students from both countries. According to the results, there is a link between mathematics and culture that is rooted in the creative process, the artists’ practices, educational backgrounds, and cultural influences, all of which deliberately contribute to the emergence of new characters inside these images.