Intercultural Dissemination of Contemporary Chinese Writers’ Works Abroad

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The relevance of the problem under study is determined by the role of trends in contemporary Chinese literature in the development of Chinese society and the distribution of modernist works by Chinese writers abroad. Interest in Chinese culture, literature, and its style has increased significantly in recent years, especially due to the development of cultural exchanges between China and Western or neighboring countries. The study also examines the problem of perception of the works of contemporary Chinese writers in Russian-speaking countries and abroad with the purpose of investigating the distribution and development of Chinese literature in Western and Asian countries. To achieve this goal of scientific research, methods of analysis and synthesis, comparison, systematization, generalization, and formalization were used. The most influential authors were identified, whose works were recognized outside of China, which has led to an expanded understanding of the nature of Chinese literature at the present stage. The article describes the main publications of the Chinese writer Mo Yan and presents the reasons for their popularization at the intercultural level. Actions to promote the further evolution of Chinese literature outside of China and its adaptation in Russian-speaking and other foreign-speaking countries are proposed. In the course of empirical research, the stages of semantic evolution of contemporary Chinese literature are characterized, and the leading trends and prospects for the development of Chinese literary studies at the intercultural level are outlined.