Impact of Islamophobia on the Future of Global Political Economy and Security

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Islamophobia is the contemporary form of religious persecution as an Islamic share of the phenomenon after other Abrahamic religions in the past. Judaism, science, and Christianity have had their share of torment in Europe many centuries ago, and now it seems the turn of Islam to taste the bitter pill of religious torture and cultural intolerance. When and how Europe or the world will relax its assault on Abrahamic religions and tolerate other cultures is a critical question that begs more questions than answers. This study examines how global Islamophobia is threatening the future of the unity of mankind, security, and the global political economy, with Islam being the religion with the second largest followership and Muslims making up more than one-fourth of the global population. The study adopted an empirical analytical method where data was collected from documented sources and empirical data, and analysis was made using empiricism. The study finds that persecution of religion is not a new phenomenon globally but that the threshold is now targeted exclusively at Islam and Muslims more than at other Abrahamic religions, particularly in Europe and America, and that this is reversing global tranquility and the political economy of the globe negatively. The study recommends, among several other alternatives, that a true spirit of humanism pursued in the aura of dialogue and mutual understanding will ameliorate the situation and restore the desired unity of mankind in the future.