Impact of Climate Change on Hydrological Parameters in Dharoi ...

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One of the probable impacts of global warming is changes in flood frequency and magnitude, and this poses a potential threat to downstream reservoir flood control systems at dam sites. It is important to study the climate change impact on rainfall and, consequently, on inflows into the reservoir at dam sites for reservoir operation, for making decisions about irrigation extensions or flood control operations, for the safety of the dam, and for sustainable development. In this study, the trend of the hydrological parameters of rainfall and inflows within the catchment area of the Dharoi Dam reservoir basin were analyzed considering the changing climate. The results of this study show that annual rainfall and the daily rainfall in the “heavy category” had a positive trend in June, July, and August. The peak daily inflows of the year showed a positive trend, and the trend of the peak daily inflows was positive in July, August, and September.