Healthy Aging Asset Index

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A nurse practitioner-led clinic operating within a seniors’ organization required a healthy aging assessment tool with both clinical and social indicators that could be used by multiple types of community workers. The Healthy Aging Asset Index (HAAI) was developed to facilitate healthy aging assessment of seniors and evolved from existing complexity assessments from both the literature and other community organizations. The tool was piloted with a group of 130 moderately frail seniors; seventy-six had the HAAI administered. There was a statistically significant improvement in total HAAI score over twelve months of intervention, indicating reduced vulnerability and improved asset status. The pilot demonstrated that the HAAI exhibits some level of validity for use by multiple community workers to assess healthy aging and may be moderately sensitive to discrete social and physical indicators. Further psychometric testing is being pursued. This article discusses the conceptualization, development, and pilot testing of this new assessment tool.