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This issue delves into an intricate interplay of authors, publishers, readers, and binding technologies through two insightful articles. The first, “PURRfection: The Participatory Extension of Humor on YouTube” by Gabriela C. Zapata, investigates how social media platforms enable “produsage” through viewer comments, transforming content and fostering new online social communities. The second, “Eliza: Lessons from Interactive Novels about Publishing in the Era of AI” by Dora Kourkoulou, explores AI-driven content creation and its impact on authorship, narrative, and knowledge generation. These articles reflect the transformative influence of social media, participatory culture, and AI on publishing. They highlight the evolving roles of authors, publishers, and readers and the need for critical discourse to address ethical and accessibility concerns. This issue invites scholars and practitioners to reconsider the boundaries for what is considered in the evolving landscape of publishing, where technology and human creativity intersect to shape the future of media and information in our society.