Experts’ Perspectives on the Future of the Quantity Surveying Profession

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Professions in society are being affected by the impact of current social-technical changes. Tasks that were previously the purview of certain professions are made redundant by technological achievement. Within the built environment, there are claims that the quantity surveying profession might not exist in the future because of the potential automation of some tasks. To test this claim, a qualitative research method has been used to determine possible futures for the quantity surveying profession in South Africa specifically. Data has been collected from semi-structured interviews conducted with built-environment experts. In spite of the encroachment of technology on some of the tasks of quantity surveyors, most experts are of the view that the quantity surveying profession will still exist in the future and that its professional status is not threatened. However, the need for quantity surveyors might reduce as certain tasks are automated. The findings of the study will assist the quantity surveying profession to continue to evolve with changes in its sociotechnical system, ensuring that it remains relevant in the future. Following from this research, further studies (such as scenario planning) are recommended to assist the profession in future planning.