Engaging Millennials

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While exploration within popular media outlets, industry publications, and among a growing academic literature on the topic of managing and leading the Millennial generation is on the rise, there is a major gap emerging—while popular media and industry experts continue to insist on a large generational gap in the workplace—academic research suggests there is no huge comparative difference from one generation to the next in how individuals prefer to be led or to lead. Continued academic research in this area is needed as the Millennial Generation increasingly takes its place in the workforce and there is sufficient lag time for there to be more thorough and rigorous longitudinal studies. This project explores best employee engagement practices in leading the upcoming millennial generation in the workplaces. In addition, this paper provides a proposed framework for building off of the existing industry research and growing body of academic studies to explore if there are any significant differences and similarities between major generational cohorts (Baby Boomers, GenX, and Millennials) with regards to how they like to lead and how they like to be led