Engaging Hybrid and Blended Learning in Higher Education

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Hybrid and blended learning are relatively new approaches to utilizing disruptive technological innovations within educational environments. With increased pressure on higher education institutions to provide greater access to programs as well as reduce costs, a continually increasing number of universities and colleges have been embracing the role of distance education programs and online courses. Within the context of this pedagogical and technology tension, engaging hybrid and blended learning methods have emerged as a balanced approach to addressing a rapidly shifting landscape of higher education. This edited collection will answer the following questions: • How can we make hybrid and blended learning models more engaging and student-centered? • How can we effectively implement, manage, and assess hybrid and blended learning environments? • What are examples and best practices of hybrid and blended learning across disciplines? This edited collection provides a comprehensive introduction to hybrid and blended learning and explores the role of emerging disruptive technological innovations within academia, presenting a wide range of cross-disciplinary research in an organized, clear, and accessible manner. It will be informative to higher education scholars and administrators seeking to understand the role and implementation of hybrid and blended learning in response to a shifting higher education landscape.