Development of a Management Plan for Lampang as a Creative, Livable City

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This investigation is the third of four sub-projects to develop Lampang as a creative, livable city. The investigation applies the theories of Robert Florida and Charles Landry to examine urban development in this Northern Thai city. A purposively selected sample of respondents from the public and private sectors in Lampang provided data through semi-structured interviews, small group meetings, workshops, and in-depth interviews in the study area. Results led to the identification of problems, obstacles, opportunities, and trends for Lampang. From these, the researcher created a development framework and worked with local stakeholders to set out an action plan for the systematic development of Lampang. The investigation concludes that Lampang has a rich local identity and culture, which should form the basis for its elevation as a creative, livable city. In order for successful urban development to be achieved, it must be consistent with the identity and historical values of the locale and maintained through support for the living old city and traditional culture.