Crossing the Border of Stigma

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The term Janda Semakin di Depan (JSDD), which translates to “Widows/Divorcees Leading the Way,” is becoming increasingly popular in Indonesia’s entertainment scene, including music, stand-up comedy, and various other forms of media content. Janda refers to both female widows and divorcees, terms that have historically been associated with social stigma in Indonesia. This article seeks to explore how the JSDD terminology both confronts and seeks to transform this deeply ingrained stigma. Using discourse analysis, the research examines the messages within stand-up comedy and media content, following van Dijk’s approach that links discourse analysis to the ways in which societal power dynamics and challenges to these dynamics are communicated and perpetuated through media, particularly focusing on video clips from stand-up comedy shows. The findings suggest that modern media, especially stand-up comedy and YouTube videos, can be powerful tools for promoting gender equity by showcasing how comedians address, negotiate with, and ultimately transcend the traditional stigma associated with being a Janda.