Chiang Mai Learning City

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This study aims to develop Chiang Mai into a learning city by addressing urban environmental issues and developing green spaces through participatory learning activities. The researchers analyzed environmental issues affecting the city’s way of life by reviewing secondary documents and conducting interviews and focus group discussions in the local community. Then, through public forums with a variety of local stakeholders, the researchers developed a framework for urban environmental development learning in the city. The study found that adding quality green areas at various points in the city could help to balance nature, control temperature and air circulation, and increase oxygen levels. The development of Ton Lamyai Market Park was used as a model area for learning through a participatory process involving Chiang Mai Municipality, the Provincial Development Office, the area owner, the Volunteer City Developer Team, and various community groups. Through this process, it was found that Chiang Mai residents lacked opportunities to learn and exchange knowledge, such as tree pruning, and that organizing learning programs could benefit both government agencies and the community by promoting environmental citizenship. Overall, this study highlights the importance of using local data and creating networks to drive the development of Chiang Mai as a learning city focused on urban environmental issues.