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Mobile-assisted language learning has grown in popularity because of the expanding availability of mobile devices. Duolingo mobile application uses trees tailored to the users’ target language, with specific skills to practice vocabulary, grammar, and pronunciation using spaced repetition. This study evaluates how students from Indian universities learning Spanish improved their reading, writing, listening, and speaking skills using Duolingo. The students used Duolingo in their mobile or laptop browsers during their first semester of the Spanish course. The given study was carried out among the students after completing the one-semester Spanish course to evaluate the implementation and usage of Duolingo. The app’s usability testing is crucial for establishing usability and shaping its design and development. That is why a survey was conducted among students from Indian universities like Vellore Institute of Technology at Vellore and Chennai campuses and Jawaharlal Nehru University, New Delhi. The survey used a questionnaire about language learning, pedagogy, and user experience. Apart from the responses received from the questionnaire, the students also gave overall feedback on learnability, efficiency, and understandability about Duolingo. After analyzing the questionnaire results, the given study tried to find the answers to the research questions on the usability experience and the effectiveness of Duolingo in the traditional classroom related to the presented research.