Art, Science, and Cultural Understanding

Art science cultural understanding 200

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Art and science are often seen in contemporary Western society as almost entirely separate and polarised fields of human enterprise. In contrast, a growing number of practitioners are realising that art and science are both intimately concerned with how we conceive of the world around us; not just as individuals, but also as societies. Art and science share a common embodied imagination, cognitive creativity, and independent spirit of inquiry at their heart, and both can summon up the visionary power of revolution for our senses. The editors and contributors to this book clearly highlight the many underlying themes that have always connected art and science throughout our history and show, through a range of essay styles and voices, how a hybrid art-science movement is now emerging. This new movement offers a broader transdisciplinary perspective to avoid relying on narrow specialisms and short-term fixes when addressing growing global problems such as climate change, economic instability, and provision of food, water, and healthcare for a rapidly expanding world population. Practitioners, researchers, and students in the arts, sciences, and humanities will all find much in this volume to stimulate and inform new ways of thinking about their own disciplinary approaches. Chapter 1: Science and Sensibility Brett Wilson Chapter 2: Critical Theory and Postmodern Science: Incompatible ‘Phrase Regimens’ or Interactive Discourses? Stuart Sim Chapter 3: Beyond Aestheticism and Scientism: Notes towards An ‘Ecosophical’ Praxis Iain Biggs Chapter 4: Transdisciplinary Futures and Institutional Challenges Barbara Hawkins and Brett Wilson Chapter 5: Wrestling Proteus: The Role of Science in Modern Art and Architecture’s New Images of Nature John G. Hatch Chapter 6: The Art and Science of Colour Perception and Reproduction Carinna Parraman Chapter 7: Engagement and Embodiment: A Body of Art in Healthcare Bronwyn Platten and Iain Biggs Chapter 8: Voices Off Brett Wilson, Stuart Sim, Barbara Hawkins, and Iain Biggs Chapter 9: Conversations with ArtScience Practitioners Barbara Hawkins talks to Luke Jerram and Shelley James Chapter 10: Between: Intersections in Art and Science in the Practice of Two Contemporary Artists Susan Aldworth and Karen Ingham Chapter 11: On the Emergent Properties of Death: When Words Fall Apart Helen Pynor Chapter 12: Brainstorming: Fostering Interdisciplinary Perspectives on Art and Science Robert Devčić