Analyzing the Influence of Emotional Intelligence on Workplace Conduct

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Research conducted among bank employees revealed the significant role of emotional intelligence (EI) in their daily lives. This study investigates the impact of emotional quotient on employee behavior specifically within the Indian banking sector. The choice of the banking industry as the focus is rooted in its dynamic nature, emphasizing the need for employee adaptability and resilience. The study had two primary objectives: first, to determine the significant effect of EI on the workplace behavior of workers in both corporate and governmental financial institutions and, second, to explore whether this effect varies across these two sectors. Data collection was based on Goleman’s EI framework and the emotional competence inventory (ECI). Six banks located in Tamil Nadu were selected as the sample, ensuring equal representation from both the public and the private sectors. The findings of the study emphasize a robust connection among EI and the professional setting behavior of workers in the financial industry. Furthermore, the research uncovers disparities in the influence of EI on workplace behavior among employees in private and public sector banks. These insights carry significant implications for managerial policies within banks and provide valuable directions for future research endeavors.