An Artist’s Interdisciplinary Practice

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From my research and experiences, I have found that the artist’s voice is underrepresented when it comes to the artist’s perspective of their own practice crossing disciplinary boundaries, such as specific research approaches with anthropological methods. Following the linage from artists’ writings from the 1960s and the cultural turn of late-twentieth-century media, “An Artist’s Interdisciplinary Practice” is focused on my own twenty-first-century experiences with text and new media. The knowledge is from my subjective experience and is the basis for the inquiry with academic disciplines and art practice. Within my interdisciplinary practice, I have investigated the ephemeral, human engagement, and physical and virtual social spaces. My interdisciplinary approach includes concepts related to the everyday, museum studies, and the social sciences. I have used a humanities approach to bridge the human relationship between the engagement of objects and space. I have integrated technology and performative sources for the production and presentation of my recent projects. My artist’s voice within this cross-discipline research is an underrepresented scholarship. However, my cross-discipline initiative permits the inclusion of social and cultural perspectives to continue the future exploration of interdisciplinarity.