A Real Skills Perspective Based on Human Relationships and Modes of Behavior

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The breakdown of the traditional paradigms in the Ecuadorian education system has given rise to the urgent need to incorporate the omnipresence of the society of knowledge into the skills development framework. The solutions are multiple and varied to fit different requirements with effectiveness affected by context. This proposal, although not a total panacea, legitimizes the efficiency and effectiveness of an academic training process, focusing on developing versatile professionals who are competent and internationally competitive, thereby contributing to the sustainable development of the country in line with other surrounding areas in the geographical context (professional up-scaling). The skills of the students are identified in order to potentiate these beyond solely meeting their personal needs, and toward contributing to covering the demands of the community through empathetic human relationships, maximizing cooperative behavior and real achievements. The methodology, techniques, and strategies must be adapted to the pre-professional within a standardized educational model based on real skills, communication, and satisfaction of human needs in line with the ecosystem that legitimizes the training processes in real scenarios based on cooperation.