A Bibliometric Analysis of the Impact of Digital Marketing in Higher Education

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Digital marketing has gained significant relevance in the realm of higher education due to its ability to effectively reach and engage a wide audience of potential students. This article presents a summary of the results obtained from a bibliometric study conducted to assess the scholarly landscape and emerging patterns pertaining to the importance of digital marketing in the context of higher education. The study uses bibliometric techniques to comprehensively examine a substantial data set comprising scholarly publications sourced from diverse academic sources, with VOSviewer as the analytical tool. The analysis primarily centers on significant characteristics such as publishing trends, authors, research themes, and citation patterns, among other factors. The data suggests an increasing level of interest in the issue, as seen by the upward trend in the number of publications pertaining to the subject in recent years. The analysis provides insights into the progression of significant research topics such as student recruitment strategies, digital advertising, and social media promotion. The study also investigates key digital marketing strategies that might be effectively employed within higher education institutions to augment students’ learning in the contemporary era of digitalization. These tools have the potential to be utilized effectively within higher education institutions as a means of augmenting students’ learning experiences in the contemporary era of digitalization. The study offers a comprehensive evaluation of the existing body of information and identifies prospective avenues for future research, catering to the needs of both academics and practitioners. The present study provides valuable insights for researchers and practitioners regarding the scholarly landscape pertaining to the significance of digital marketing within the realm of higher education.