Stephanie Matook’s Updates

  • Update 5: Marathon group communities of practice

    My reflection is based on a community of practice that I was new to as a learner several years ago when I ran my first marathon. I had always wanted to do one so I signed up without an research or knowledge on what it took to run a marathon, so I re...More

  • Update 3: Growth mindset vs. Fixed mindset


    I researched a practice that relates a bit to math eduaction and neuroscience research since I am a math teacher and have seen how my lower performing struffgle with motivation. I found this research on the difference between teaching studetns to...More

  • Update 2: Mensa IQ test

    I took a look at the Mensa IQ test which is designed for people in the 98th percentile of other IQ tests.  This test contains 60 multiple choice questions and is designated for a 40 minute time period.  Most questions on this assessment were logical..

  • Update 1: Transgender students' conflict in schools

    A very current debate in public schools is allowing transgender students to use the washroom that they feel most comfortable with based on what gender they associate with. I think this is a serious issue that is long overdue to be addressed. I think...More