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  • Graphic designer, Specialist in photography, Master in plastic and visual arts, PhD candidate in arts and architecture. Teacher in U. level


  • I´m a graphic designer, I have an specialization in photography and a Master in Plastic and Visual Arts. I´m interested in photography, no just as a technical media but as something that could be problematizing as a historical and theoretical topic...More


  • Universidad Jorge Tadeo Lozano
    • Diseño
    • Docente cátedra magister
    • August 2008 to May 2019

    Asignaturas a cargo: Fotografía, teoría del color para fotografía, fundamentos técnicos de la fotografía, técnicas experimentales de fotografía análoga, historia de la imágen fotográfica, teoría de la imagen fotográfica

  • Universidad Católica de Colombia
    • Facultad de diseño
    • Docente cátedra
    • July 2008 to Present

    A cargo de las asignaturas Fotografía y Comunicación y medios.

  • Universidad Nacional de Colombia
    • Facultad de Artes
    • Docente ocasional
    • February 2008 to December 2017

    Docente de Fotografía I, II, II; teoría del arte


  • National University of Colombia.
    • PhD in Arts and Architecture
    • July 2016 to Present

    Supervised by Professor María Soledad Rodríguez. Reserch emphasis: History and Theory of Art in Colombia and Latin America. Thesis Title: “Ruins on the latin american photography between 1990 and 2010”

  • National University of Colombia.
    • Master in Visual and Plastic Arts
    • February 2010 to June 2012

    Supervised by Professor Victor Laignlelet. Thesis Title: “Family portraits: Stereotype and extimity”

  • National University of Colombia.
    • Specialist in Photography
    • July 2007 to June 2008

  • National University of Colombia.
    • Graphic Designer
    • July 1999 to June 2005