Sport and Society’s Updates

  • Efthalia Chatzigianni Joins the Sport and Society Advisory Board

    Dr. Efthalia (Elia) Chatzigianni, PhD is Associate Professor of International Organizations and other forms of cooperation in the field of sport, Sport Management Department, University of Peloponnese, Greece. She holds a BA in Sociology from th...More

  • Eleventh International Conference on Sport and Society Announced (Granada, Spain, 18-19 June 2020)

    The Eleventh International Conference on Sport and Society will be held at the University of Granada, Granada, Spain, 18-19 June 2020

    Founded in 2010, the Sports and Society Research Network is brought together around a common interest in cult...More

  • Tenth International Conference on Sport and Society: Virtual Presentations

    Exploring the cultural, political, and economic relationships of sport to society

    Virtual sessions are designed for presenters who are not able to be present in person at the conference. Travel, funding, and schedule can sometimes make it difficul...More

  • New Network Chair: Sport and Society Research Network

    Common Ground Research Networks is pleased to announce the selection of a new Network Chair for the Sport and Society Research Network, Dr Jörg Krieger

    Dr. Jörg Krieger is Assistant Professor in Sport and Social Science at Aarhus University. H...More

  • Taylor McKee – Winner of the International Award for Excellence for The International Journal of Sport and Society, Volume 7

    The Sport & Society Research Network is pleased to announce the selection of “The Rink and the Stage: Melodrama, Media, and Canadian Hockey,” by Taylor McKee, as the winner of the International Award for Excellence for Volume 7 of The Internatio.....More

  • Courtney Hoffmann Joins the Sport and Society Advisory Board

    The Sport & Society Advisory Board is honored to welcome our newest member – Courtney Hoffmann

    Courtney Hoffmann is a Learning Specialist and Academic Adviser at The George Washington University. She has worked, and lived, all over the cou...More

  • Our History...

    Founded in 2010, the International Conference on Sport & Society provides a forum for the examination of sport from various perspectives, including: history, sociology, psychology, medicine, health, education, administration and management...More

  • The Super Bowl: The Horror & the Glory

    Image Courtesy of Wikimedia Commons / CTLiotta | Article Link | Nathaniel Rich

    During the two weeks before the Super Bowl there were more than 10,000 news articles written about the slight deviation in air pressure of the...More

  • Photos: Sochi, Russia, a Year After the Games

    Photo Courtesy of Wikimedia Commons / EEIM | Article Link | by James Hill

    A year after the Sochi Olympics, the flags of the competing nations continue to flutter in the breeze rolling in from the Black Sea and oversize cud...More

  • Human Rights and the 2022 Olympics | article link | by Minky Worden

    The Olympic spirit has come to this: Two authoritarian countries are vying to host the 2022 Winter Games, competing to endure a huge financial strain for the benefit of burnishing their public...More