Religion in Society’s Updates

  • Tenth International Conference on Religion and Spirituality in Society Announced (Vancouver, Canada, 30 April - 1 May 2020)

    The Tenth International Conference on Religion and Spirituality in Society will be held at UBC Robson Square, Vancouver, Canada, 30 April - 1 May 2020

    Founded in 2011, the Religion in Society Research Network is explores the relationship betwe...More

  • 2018 Plenary Speaker - Catherine Caufield

    The Eighth International Conference on Religion & Spirituality in Society is pleased to announce Catherine Caufield as a 2018 Plenary Speaker

    Want to register for the 2018 Conference? Click here...More

  • Growing Beef Trade Hits India's Sacred Cow

    World Religion News | Article Link 

    Image courtesy of Unsplash

    Hindu devotees worship a sacred cow on the eve of Gopastami in Hyderabad on November 3, 2011. The cow is regarded by Hindus as gau mata, or maternal figure, and has had a long-stan...More

  • Archaeologists dig up fabrics dating back to kings David and Solomon

    Religion News Service | Article Link | by Michele Chabin

    Image courtesy of Morguefile

    JERUSALEM (RNS) Israeli archaeologists have discovered fragments of “remarkably preserved” 3,000-year-old fabrics, leather and seeds dating to the era of the...More

  • Galileo vs. God: The Father of Modern Science on Religion, Truth, and Human Nature

    Brain Pickings | Article Link | by Maria Popova

    Image courtesy of Wikimedia Commons

    “As I’d like to show Galileo our world, I must show him something with a great deal of shame,” Richard Feynman famously wrote in lamenting the “actively, inten...More

  • What’s Life Like in America’s First City With a Muslim-Majority City Council?

    The Nation | Article Link | by Tom Perkins

    Image courtesy of Wikimedia Commons

    Just after the Paris attacks, right before the San Bernardino shooting, and during a campaign season in which Donald Trump has made bigotry a pillar of his candidac...More

  • Why pray?

    Aeon | Article Link | by Benjamin Dueholm

    Image courtesy of Unsplash

    'Gods change up in heaven, gods get replaced, prayers are here to stay.’ So wrote the late Israeli poet Yehuda Amichai. Anyone not sharing his conviction might consider a vis.....More

  • Meet The Benedictine Monk Of Silicon Valley

    Buzzfeed | Article Link | by William Alden

    Image courtesy of Wikimedia Commons

    Like many techies, Brother Eckhart Camden wears a hooded garment to work. But his uniform is not a hoodie, strictly speaking. Instead, Brother Eckhart wears a black...More

  • Iran’s persecution of the Baha’i has been met by silence from Rouhani–and the world

    Quartz | Article Link | by Ramin Ahmadi

    Image courtesy of Wikimedia Commons

    In all my years as an Iranian-American, I have never heard so much discussion about Iran. In the halls of Congress, on the Sunday morning talk shows, at any number of...More

  • Iran’s Sikhs get a better deal than many other minorities

    Quartz | Article Link | by Bobby Ghosh

    Image courtesy of Wikimedia Commons

    Every Iranian I meet on my trip is astonished to hear there’s a Sikh temple, or “gurdwara,” in Tehran. I wouldn’t know of it myself but for Iranian-American author Hoom...More