New Directions in the Humanities’s Updates

  • It’s Still a Scandal!

    Image Courtesy of Wikimedia Commons | Article Link | by Kevin Birmingham

    One small scene from the annals of heroic modernism is the moment when, in the winter of 1921, the French novelist and critic Valery Larbaud gave the world’s. ...More

  • Scrawled Insults and Epiphanies

    Image courtesy of MorgueFile | Article Link | by Anthony Grafton

    Marginalia are on the march. The New Yorker reported this fall on Oxford’s Marginalia Group, which “now has two thousand five hundred and three members, maki. ...More

  • Surprise: Humanities Degrees Provide Great Return On Investment

    Image courtesy of Pixabay | Article Link | by Jeffrey Dorfman

    Humanities degrees have received a bad rap recently, even from President Obama. Many people, including top policy makers, routinely push policies to encourage m. ...More

  • How on earth will the medical humanities make you a better doctor?

    Image courtesy of Wikimedia Commons | Article Link | by Emily T. Troscianko

    We began our two days in Glasgow surrounded by hospital beds and medical skeletons, and had the chance to hear from four curren. ...More

  • They’re Watching You Read

    Image courtesy of Pixabay / Unsplash | Article Link | by Francine Prose

    Lately, I’ve been reading Vanity Fair, and among the profound pleasures it provides is the mysterious, almost indescribable sensation of being alone w. ...More

  • What Are the Humanities For?

    Image courtesy of Pixabay / Geralt | Article Link | by Patrícia Vieira

    Debates about the “future of the humanities” frequently revolve around the suspicion that the humanities might not have one. Yet despite the di. ...More

  • The Disruption Machine

    Image courtesy of MorgueFile / Dhester | Article Link | by Jill Lepore

    In the last years of the nineteen-eighties, I worked not at startups but at what might be called finish-downs. Tech companies that were dying would h. ...More

  • Reading: The Struggle

    Image courtesy of Pixabay / craedor | Article Link | by Tim Parks

    The conditions in which we read today are not those of fifty or even thirty years ago, and the big question is how contemporary fiction will adapt to these. ...More

  • John Searle: The Philosopher in the World

    Image courtesy of Pixabay / Hans | Article Link | by Tim Crane

    On May 22, the philosopher and longtime New York Review contributor John Searle gave a public lecture at the University of Cambridge’s Centre for Research in t. ...More

  • Known Unknowns of the Class War

    Image courtesy of Wikimedia Commons | Article Link | by Naeem Mohaiemen

    When you turn to page 186 of In the Light of What We Know, you encounter an illustration. The novel’s two main characters have by this point discussed ma. ...More