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Decolonial Practices on the Educational Platform CGScholar: Subjectification, Ecology of Knowledges, and the Design of Rhizomatic Multimodal Texts

In the digital turn, when knowledge is considered ubiquitous and learning outside of school is permanent, what knowledge can formal education offer? Despite the presence of the digital infrastructure for more than three decades, educational institutions find themselves unprepared and outdated to resume teaching in digital learning environments during the social isolation caused by the COVID-19 pandemic. This article is a narrative of experience on the CGScholar educational platform during remote teaching for a public university and reflects on the deconstruction of some of the truths of modernity on subjects, language, text, education, and citizenship through the decolonial practices of subjectification, methodology of ecology of knowledges, and rhizomatic multimodal writing. The research on these decolonial gestures on the digital medium does not seek to introduce new truths through the glorification of technology as the only solution to the problems that plague public education but the possibility of transforming, through writing, our knowledge through possible exchanges in an educational platform.

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