Julie Arnold’s Updates

  • Oh for pity's sake, would you give your works a title please?

    The project will be in your notifications, if you can't find it. Surely you don't need instructions on that by now.

  • last lesson materials

    our lesson
    some extra information about graduating devices you might find helpful


  • Week 6 Thursday body paragraph lesson



  • A different summary of Act III for you to consider at home.

  • For Wednesday Week 2, end of lesson: Please record your questions in the comment section below. Feel free to try answering one another's questions.

    These are our 1984 questions. They might help you formulate good questions.


  • Documentaries please

    Please submit the title of your documentary, a weblink to it, and the issue you'd like to explore in your feature, and a possible question, eg

    Ai Wewei: Never sorry http://www.aiweiweineversorry.com/ 

    Issue: police brutality

    Question: How do pol...More