Mark Bassett’s Updates

  • God Teachers Have To Do A Lot of Learning

    Here are some thoughts and experiences I've had on digital writing, slash, learning tools

    YouTube Every teach in the ACT has a YouTube channel as a part of the Google Classroom suite of app. Always teach students to deal with copyright reasonably...More

  • Google (Oh My God) Plus

    This is meant to be a similar way of interacting with peers, but, oh my God, I find it is like walking the Siberian woods on a moonless night with no matches or torch. I thought a little about using to share with peers, but the silence is awesome...More

  • Google Classroom Created for Year 7 Indonesian

    Here's a Google classroom I made for a Year 7 Indonesian LOTE class. Student headphones would have helped.

  • Test update: Advanced Year 8 English Google Classroom

    This is a Google Classroom I created for an Advanced Year 8 English Class. I had a lot of fun creating this and thought that the class engaged well with it. I was slightly in front of the class in terms of skills with GAFE and that probably helped s...More