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  • Leader of Literary & Digital Studies in Humanities Research Group, trainer/mentor of Post Graduate Teaching Certificate, Prince Sultan Uni.


  • In a digitally transforming world, higher education is bound to embrace an interdisciplinary perspective to teaching, learning and research. My research ventures emphasize the emerging field of Digital Humanities, exploring the intricate workings of...More


  • Prince Sultan University
    • Present

  • Prince Sultan University
    • College of Humanities
    • Director of University Level English Dept.
    • September 2017 to Present

    Preparing Teaching Load for Communications, Academic Writing and Research Courses * Supervising Quality Enhancement processes (course reports, proposals, course administration and benchmark) * Conducting Faculty Evaluation * Strategic planning for the department e.g. reformulating Mission Statement and proposing elective courses based on needs analysis of stakeholders * Integrating Technology through training and mentoring faculty and students.

  • Prince Sultan University
    • College of Humanities
    • Literature Courses Group Supervisor
    • August 2014 to June 2017

    Leading the team assigned to propose a Minor in Digital Literary Studies constitutes the most evident contribution of my career and is the subject of one of the case studies for which I have earned my senior fellow-ship for Higher Education Academy, HEA-UK. The proposition includes transforming the literature courses, initiating new courses while collaborating for best results.

  • Prince Sultan University
    • College of Humanities
    • Senior Fellow Teacher/Mentor for Post Graduate Teaching Certificate
    • December 2014 to Present

    The Post Graduate Teaching Certificate is offered by Prince Sultan Teaching and Learning Center (TLC) and constitutes an opportunity to create a community of practice where collaboration among colleagues offer a unique opportunity of professional development. Besides mentoring, teaching various modules within the program such as Diversity & Inclusion and Instructional Digital Tools is an innovative aspect of the program and my career.

  • Prince Sultan University
    • College of Humanities
    • Coop Supervisor
    • September 2013 to June 2015

    I would supervise students going through their coop program: a practicum offered for senior students as a requirement for their graduation. For a duration of 7 months, students join an internship to get a first hand experience of job market requirements and skills.

  • Saudi Arabian T.V.
    • Channel 2 (English Channel)
    • Senior Presenter/Producer
    • May 1999 to June 2005

    Through a range from news reports to media coverage of cultural events, I have gained a first-hand experience that compliments my courses where digital media has become a main component e.g. Global Media and Technology.


  • Ain Shams University, Cairo, Egypt.
    • Ph.D.
    • January 2000 to September 2007

    Anger in Selected Plays by Amiri Baraka and Brian Friel.

  • Ain Shams University, Cairo, Egypt.
    • Master of Arts
    • July 1993 to April 1997

    The Female Image in Lilian Hellman's Plays

  • Ohio University, Athens, Ohio.
    • TEFL Certificate
    • July 1992 to August 1992

    The Fulbright Commission grant has marked the interdisciplinary nature of my career at its onset: both English Literature and Education are the two main areas of my research and teaching excellence.

  • Ain Shams University, Cairo, Egypt.
    • Bachelor of Arts
    • September 1986 to June 1990

    Very Good with Honors.