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  • I'm a Public Health practitioner with over 12 years experience in the field of epidemiology and disease control. I like to learning


  • I'm Samuel Moro from Ghana. I like listening or watching news. My favourite sport is football


  • WHO
    • EPI
    • STOP (Field Epidemiologist)
    • July 2018 to Present

    1. Support the provincial health office in strengthening routine immunization, especially at the district and health center levels. Specifically: - Support the implementation of measles second dose at service delivery level and monitor the coverage of MR2, including other routine immunization. - Assist the provincial EPI manager and provide technical support in microplanning development, supportive supervision, on-the-job training to improve the coverage of routine immunization including Penta, OPV, IPV and MR in high-risk, hard-to-reach communities - Support the implementation of improved microplans at health center level in the identified high-risk districts. - Assist provinces/districts for the rollout of immunization in practice training and ensure the health care workers have adequate skills to provide quality immunization services. - Support vaccine and logistics management, including the temperature monitoring, checking VVM staging, expiry date of vaccines, vaccine stock management records are up to date. - Support provincial health office for the planned intensification program/catch-up program to improve the routine immunization especially IPV to ensure every last child fully vaccinated. - Assist districts and health centers in the calculation and interpretation of EPI indicators such as coverage, dropout rate, EPI monitoring chart, vaccine utilization rate - Ensure health care workers are able to communicate simple messages around vaccine preventable diseases in order to effectively communicate with parents/caregivers 2. Assist the provincial EPI manager and surveillance officer in risk assessment, investigation of VPD cases/contacts and support in the response activities during VPD outbreaks, as required o Assist the provincial surveillance officer to continue to enhance AFP, AFR and other VPD surveillance, especially in the high-risk districts and villages. o Perform regular data analysis and interpretation of AFP and AFR surveillance and other VPD surveillance including key surveillance performance indicators as well as immunization data. 3. Submit a technical report, including all the tools and documents developed, upon completion of assignment 4. Assist in other related technical work as requested by supervisors


  • University of Ghana
    • MPH (Epidemiology and Disease Control)
    • August 2013 to July 2014