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  • I'm a creative designer / Entrepreneur / Social hand / Researcher other than that, I'm a wife / a daughter / a sister and a friend. I love being multidisciplinary personality to serve Sri Lanka in every way I can. But, being a creative communication...More


  • Malalasekera Foundation
    • Sri Lanka
    • Media and Public Relation Coordinator
    • 2018 to Present

  • University of Moratuwa
    • Department of Management of Technologies
    • Visiting Lecturer
    • June 2017 to Present

    Subject area - Entrepreneurship and entrepreneurial spirit.

  • National School of Business Management, Sri Lanka
    • Multimedia Design
    • Visiting Lecturer
    • May 2014 to Present

    I was a visiting lecturer in National School of Business Management (NSBM), while providing an expert service to the students of the faculty of digital multimedia design. During my stay, I have been appointed to the lecture the following lecture series. Use of my industry experience has been an added advantage for the lectures, which I have performed for the following subject areas. Digital Imaging and Art Direction, History of Multimedia and Vector Illustrations.

  • National Institute of Business Management, Sri Lanka
    • Department of Multimedia Technology
    • Visiting Lecturer
    • May 2014 to Present

    Currently acting as a visiting lecturer in NIBM, while providing an expert service to the students of the Higher National Advance diploma in Multimedia Design. Sharing the industrial knowledge and practical experience was an additional benefit that students gained from me. History of Multimedia and How to bring it to present day, Digital Imaging and Corporate Identity designs are my subject areas where I directed students to think innovative and develop concepts, which ultimately will be benefitted for them in future.

  • Burgundy Consultant Pvt (Ltd.), Sri Lanka
    • Creative Department
    • Chief Executive Officer
    • May 2012 to Present

    We create custom-made look and feel for brands to express their true essence of the business and brand experiences wherever and whenever their target customer can be most impacted by the message. We start by discovering the business, objective and the broader vision then the target audience. We look at the life style, demographics, psycho-graphic and geographic variables of the target person. From this, we develop our “Big Idea” to build the big brand. The big idea must appeal and engage consumers involving them with the brand in new and unexpected ways. Our clients see the return on their investment because we assess the impact of our work on sales performance, brand value and consumer behavior/ feedback. Using any or all of the following disciplines, we create unforgettable persona in consumer’s mind, where it will be the default choice. Influence consumer, ensuring that our clients get the results they need to win the hearts.


  • University of Moratuwa, Sri Lanka
    • MBA in Entrepreneurship
    • January 2017 to Present

    Local and international entrepreneurship

  • University of Moratuwa, Sri Lanka
    • Bachelor of Integrated Media Design
    • June 2008 to March 2012

    I studied Sri Lankan design and World design, Advertising, Design concepts, Brand Management, Marketing, Psychology etc.

  • Institute of Personnel Management, Sri Lanka
    • Professional Qualification of Human Resource Management
    • February 2008 to March 2012

    Subject area - Human Resource Management