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  • Luis Rafael Ureta Letelier


  • Luis Ureta. Born in Santiago de Chile ion october 3, 1967, graduated with a degree in acting from de Drama Conservatory of the Universidad de Chile. Founder and artistic director of Teatro la Puerta, since 1990. Acting teacher and director teacher...More


  • Universidad Catolica
    • Teatro
    • Académico
    • March 2000 to Present

    "Publikumsbeschimpfung" (Offending the Public) (2000) and "Das Spiel vom Fragen" (The Question Game) (2001) by Peter Handke, "Heidi Hoh arbeitet nicht mehr" (Heidi Hoh Doesn´t Work Any More, Sex after Mae West , (2002 - 2003) by Rene Pollesch - the latter in close cooperation with the author, who went to Chile expressly to participate in the production. In 2004 Luis Ureta was invited to the "Young Directors Project", a competition for young international theatre directors and their ensembles as part of the Salzburg Festival. To this plays can add different premieres: Dea Loher "Innocence" Life on Roosevelt Square ", " The last fire "; Reto Finger," Swim like a dog " , “Whores wandering” by Theresia Walser, "Final Idyll," by Jens Nielsen; , "Words and Bodies" by Martin Heckmanns, among others. In 2007 Luis Ureta premiered in Germany the play "Calias", in the 14 th International Schillertage in Mannheim. In 2013 th he participated in the Mülheim Theatre Festival (Stücke) with the play " The thing", by Philipp Löhle. Recently (2014) Luis Ureta directed the play "View Unobstructed" by Marius Von Mayenburg, in Finis Terrae Theater. In 2002, his Compania LA PUERTA was awarded the coveted "Premio Nacional de Teatro" by the Chilean critics circle (Círculo Nacional de Críticos de Arte)


  • Universdidad de Chile
    • Licenciado en Artes
    • March 2000 to December 2000