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  • University of Warsaw
    • July 2010 to Present

    Tomasz Gackowski, PhD with habilitation, is a media expert, historian and assistant professor in the Department of Communication an Public Relations at University of Warsaw, Chief of Laboratory of Media Studies ( and Coordinator of Media Analysis Centre at University of Warsaw ( He was also Deputy Director for Research and International Cooperation at the Institute of Journalism at Warsaw University (2012-2016). He has written numerous articles and books on research methodology, media studies, sociology, political communication, eyetracking and biometric research, investor relations and stock exchange communication. He has co-organized several conferences, conventions, and research workshops (such as the Nationwide Methodological Conference of Media Experts and the Nationwide Convention of Media Analysts at Warsaw University). Four-time scholar of Ministry of Science and Higher Education (2006–2010) and also a winner in prestigious Program Start 2012 organized by the Foundation for Polish Science. Laureate of prestigious scholarship for remarkable young academics of Polish Ministry of Higher Education and Science (2015 - 2018). Originator of the first, polish media studies vertical portal so-called

  • University of Warsaw
    • 2004 to Present


  • media studies
    • Habilitation
    • July 2011 to July 2017

  • political science
    • PhD
    • July 2010 to July 2011

  • History
    • MA
    • September 2005 to July 2011

  • Journalism and Communication
    • MA
    • September 2005 to June 2010