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How to perform SEOs for News Websites?

Online publications have taken a big hit recently in terms of recognition due to SEOs, big social media platforms like Facebook are not promoting news and other media outlets like they used to in the past. Due to this a major chunk of the organic traffic that these news websites used to get has been affected.

Now, one would think that online news portals and websites are doomed, but we are here to tell you that is not the case. With a little change in the SEOs recognition strategy your online news website would not only do better but also have loyal readers that come directly to you.

There is no denying the fact that it’s definitely getting harder for news sites out there as the traffic is down for SEO and for Facebook. Right now Google and Facebook are sanding less traffic towards independent news sites. Traffic is the bread and butter for any online portal to survive; this just does not pertain to only news websites.

So this blog I am going to lay out a way where online news sites will not be doomed and what can be effectively done so that they do not become obsolete.

Build Your Own Audience:

The first thing that your online news website needs to do is to build your own advertising audience. By having your own audience you are going to be able to send ads to people, drive people back to your website and overtime have a loyal reader base.

News websites need to understand that this is an asset that they own. This is absolutely critical, for your online news site to continue to do better. Yes, you would want to do SEOs and keep ranking higher. Or show up in the Facebook or any other social media algorithm to have organic traffic towards your portal. But all this effort is good for nothing if you don’t have your own audience.

Use Push Notifications:

Push notifications are a great way for you to have people coming back on a consistent basis. So it is highly recommended for news websites to look at Push Notifications as a way to get returning users.

Push Notifications have proved to be a great way to keep people engaged with whatever is going on in the world. There are certain users that tap into issues that affect them the most or have a general interest, it is better to know your measurement metrics. Which issue or news triggers what kind of reader and then use push notifications to keep them updated with the latest.

This way the right news will find the right kind of reader and therefore you would be able to build a loyal consumer base.

Push Your Content:

Make sure you are building up networks of communities on all of the major platforms. Facebook groups, linkedIn groups, Facebook pages the audiences around the Facebook pages. So from Youtube to Twitter or Facebook even Instagram and Pintrest, so you need to continuously push put content and as a result build up these social media communities so that traffic is driven back to you from these communities.

This will allow you to have more sustainability; you are better off having open discussions with the audience regarding anything that is going on around the world. The better you engage the audience on social communities the better chance for you to have traffic on your online portal.

Use Google Discover:

Google discover now has millions of users a month and people are just flocking towards it. So your online new site can reap serious benefits if you get into Google Discover. This way you would be able to generate a huge amount of traffic.

For those who don’t know what is Google discover, it can be found in your Google apps on you smartphone and what is tool basically does is it shows the user content based on their own interests and searches.

By being present on Google Discover news websites can feed news and issues that are trending and also show content that the user already has a liking for. This would prove to be a very effective way thorugh which news portals can generate traffic back and forth.

No Click Optimization:

No click optimization is Google, so this is a relatively new thing and it’s something digital marketers have been working on a lot. This is a very effective way to show up inside Google involving things like the knowledge panel, the local pack, inside of any Google Assistance area. Basically these are areas where you might not get a visitor to your news portal but these are areas where the user is still surfacing your content.

So you need to think about no click optimization, think about how are you going to show up areas where you might not get a click but be visible so that more people see your brand even if it does not result in traffic.

Use your Ads:

At some point your news portal is able to create a great piece of content and a lot of people like that then you should be advertising it. Creating content is expensive so why not take some of that money and put it into advertising the content that you have. This way you can get an exponential reach amongst your audience.

Think about this, if you have 30 days’ worth of articles then what are the best five you can advertise so that you can grow your user base.

Amp up Content Promotion:

It’s a real simple game for news sites, the more you publish the more traffic you are going to end up with. If you publish more of the same high quality content the more visitors you get. That is just how it works, that is why big sites like Buzzfeed publish around thousands of articles a month.

With the proper content promotion no doubt you would be able to become a leader when it comes to the latest news updates.

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