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  • Lize is professor of Organizational Behavior and Leadership at Antioch University (USA) teaching on the PhD program in Leadership and Change. She does research and consults in the fields of leadership, culture and diversity. Lize holds an MA in Clin...More


  • Antioch University
    • Graduate School of Leadership and Change
    • Professor of Organizational Behavior and Leadership
    • January 2009 to Present

    Dr Lize Booysen is an internationally recognized scholar-practitioner in the field of leadership, culture and diversity. She is a Clinical and Research Psychologist and Leadership Consultant. With 26 years of experience in leadership and research, Lize has served thousands of leaders in corporate organizations, government agencies, educational institutions and nonprofits, in her capacity as facilitator, consultant, trainer, teacher or coach. Prior to relocating to the USA end of 2008, Lize was full professor at the Graduate School of Business Leadership (SBL), University of South Africa (SA) since 1992. She served on the SBL Board of directors from 1999 to 2006, as Director Human Resources Development, and Academic Director. She was the Research Manager in 2007 to 2008, and the Editor of the SA Journal of Labor Relations from 2006 –– 2008.


  • University of South Africa
    • Doctorate in Business Leadership
    • May 1998 to Present

    Lize holds a Doctorate in Business Leadership (Univ of SA, ‘‘99), master’’s degrees in Clinical Psychology (Univ of Johannesburg, ‘‘88), Research Psychology, and Criminology (Univ of Pretoria, ‘‘88) all with distinction. Lize is registered as a Clinical and a Research Psychologist