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What To Do When Your iPhone Turns Off Alone

We may get scared when this happens, it really is not normal but this problem is simple to solve. So, what to do?

Connect iPhone to charger

If your iPhone suddenly shuts down, you need to first check if it had enough battery, so the first step is to connect iPhone to the charger. The iPhone takes a while to turn on when it is completely out of battery and connected to a power source, the correct thing is to wait a while and not despair. IPhone will not respond until you have a minimum of power for it.

If you try to force iPhone by turning on its power button, it may not respond, but that doesn't mean your phone is idle. Let it charge longer, then it will call on its own.

Now if it has spent a long time connected to the charger and still does not respond, you should take the next step: force a reboot.


Restart iPhone

This is the second step you must take. Many say that restarting iPhone solves up to 80% of some minor software failures. Forcing the iPhone to reboot is very simple that results in no loss to your mobile phone. Press the power button, the one on the top of your device, and then press the middle button for a few seconds and hold until the Apple logo appears on the screen.

Hold both buttons together so that it reboots rather than shuts down. See the following photo:


Install the latest operating system version

This advice should be followed for any device that uses an operating system. If we do not update our iPhone many problems can happen, it can slow down and slow down, can compromise the camera, stop opening apps and even shut down by itself. If you have a frequently occurring problem and have not upgraded your device, it would be most appropriate to update to the latest software. In addition to fixing all bugs, new features will appear. Installing is really necessary to UP our device and solve annoying problems.


Restore iPhone

You have done all the tips above and yet the problem persists, what to do? We will restore iPhone, doing so will clean our device from any and all problems, restoring iPhone will eliminate any software problems that may exist. The best way to restore an iPhone is to find in iTunes and start the reboot process:

  • Connect your iPhone to your computer with the lightining cable 
  • Open iTunes (if it doesn't open automatically)
  • Select your device
  • In the right window choose the option 'Restore'. This will download the entire system from Apple's servers and install on your device.

Your iPhone will be as new, it will not be backed up as this may be dragged along with your documents.


Okay, your device has been restored. I recommend that you pass all your important information and documents to the cloud, so you don't miss anything important.

If none of this works, you should go to Apple for assistance to try to resolve the issue with a qualified technician.