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  • After teaching American Cultures to ninth graders for five years, I have gained experience managing a classroom, integrating interdisciplinary techniques into my lesson plans, and fusing technology whenever possible. The school I teach at only accep...More


  • Penn State University
    • American Studies
    • PhD Candidate
    • January 2017 to Present

  • Milton Hershey School
    • Social Studies
    • Teacher
    • August 2013 to Present

    I teach American Cultures which is 1865-present day


  • Penn State University
    • PhD in American Studies
    • January 2017 to Present

    I am working on a PhD from Penn State University in American Studies. My research focuses on homesteading, or the resurgence of home-economics and local foodways, in York County, Pennsylvania. I examine home gardening, raising chickens, agritourism, Community Supported Agriculture, and other methods of localizing food as a way to opt-out of global consumerism in exchange for more connection with the land and community.