Jason Berg’s Peers

  • Acker Acker

    Acker Acker

    college paper writing service

  • Ernie Alama

    Ernie Alama

    Director of Research and Innovation

  • William Cope

    William Cope

    Professor, Department of Education Policy, Organization & Leadership, University of Illinois

  • Robson Del Fiol

    Robson Del Fiol

    I'm a partner of KPMG Brazil responsible for corp innovation projects and tech enthusiast living in Sao Paulo. I'm 38 years old as well.

  • Asif Khurshid

    Asif Khurshid

    A PhD in Marketing and an aspirant professor who believes in sharing, caring and flaring of knowledge.

  • Comfort Ogunrinde

    Comfort Ogunrinde

    I would like to develop myself more and acquire new knowledge.

  • Sahu Sk

    Sahu Sk


  • Marina Theodotou

    Marina Theodotou

    Director of Professional Development, Computer Science Teachers Association located in Albany, NY

  • Rita van Haren

    Rita van Haren

    Teacher and Curriculum Developer