Adam Rusch’s Communities

  • e-Learning Ecologies MOOC

    e-Learning Ecologies MOOC

    An introduction to innovative approaches to learning and teaching, with a focus on the use of e-learning and social web technologies.

  • CGScholar User Group

    CGScholar User Group

    A community devoted to using the Scholar social knowledge environment.

  • New Learning

    New Learning

    Transformational Designs for Pedagogy and Assessment

  • e-Learning Ecologies Case Studies

    e-Learning Ecologies Case Studies

    Exploring the affordances e-learning environments. How they might be powerfully innovative—even transformative—knowledge spaces.

  • Interdisciplinary Global Health

    Interdisciplinary Global Health

    The Interdisciplinary Global Health program seeks to engage students through an online interactive community with collaborative projects.

  • Reimagine Education

    Reimagine Education

    This community serves as the proposal space for the Scholar Project submission to the Reimagine Education 2016 awards

  • Learning Design & Leadership Projects

    Learning Design & Leadership Projects

    An open community where people can come together to share their Works in Learning Design & Leadership.

  • CEE Illinois

    CEE Illinois

    The Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering (CEE) at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

  • Medical Education

    Medical Education

    Enhancing instructional interactivity and fostering critical clinical thinking (problem-solving) in veterinary and human medicine